Reno Traffic Safety Campaign Focuses on Bicyclists


According to the Reno Gazette Journal, the Reno Police are relaunching a $36,000 campaign to increase traffic safety. Under the campaign, pedestrians and bicyclists may receive citations for violating safety laws.

Reno Wheelmen official Spencer Ericksen estimates that 25 percent of bicyclists regularly break traffic laws.

Common problem areas are bicyclists failing to stop at stop signs, riding against traffic, and riding on sidewalks. Bicyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks in downtown Reno, but they can ride on sidewalks elsewhere as long as they yield to pedestrians.

The Reno Police Dept. offers tips to bicyclists and motorists:

Bicyclist safety tips:

  • Ride with traffic, not against it.
  • Make turns the same way drivers do, using the same turn lanes.
  • Signal turns.
  • Maintain bicycles, including checking brakes and tires.
  • In darkness, use good reflectors and wear bright clothing.
  • Wear helmets.
  • Use a rear view mirror attached to a helmet, glasses or handle bars.

Motorist Safety Tips

  • Look for bicyclists before opening car doors when parked on the street.
  • Do not overtake a bicyclist and make a right turn in front of the bicyclist.