Whether to Take Methadone


My methadone blogs have received a great deal of attention and many comments. I have also received inquiries with respect to whether readers should take methadone.
I urge those with questions to consult doctors to answer questions regarding methadone. I am an attorney and attorneys are the wrong folks to ask for medical advice. I also urge you to be very careful about taking advice from people who are not licensed medical doctors.
Second opinions from doctors never hurt and are often a very good idea. Take the time to figure out whether the doctor you are talking to has a thorough enough background in methadone to give you good advice. Certain specialists, such as pain management doctors, may deal with methadone more regularly than other types of doctors.
And, of course, there is a great deal to read on the internet about this subject. Always consult physicians when possible for questions about whether you should or should not take a particular drug.