Offers of Judgment Put Litigants at Risk

It's important to note that most civil litigation puts most litigants, regardless of which side they are on, at financial risk. Nevada has an "offer of judgment" rule. Under the rule, either side can offer a specific amount to settle with the other. If one side does not accept and does not "beat" the offer, that side is at risk for having to pay the other side's attorney's fees.

Say, for instance, the plaintiff makes an offer of judgment to settle a case for $100,000 and the defendant makes an offer of judgment to settle the case for $75,000. If the verdict is $60,000, the plaintiff wins $60,000 but may well have to pay the other side's attorney's fees (which could be very high). Similarly, if the verdict comes back at $25,000, the defendant may well have to pay attorney's fees to the plaintiff.

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