Nevada's New Laws 2011

Nevada rings in the new year with several new laws taking effect as of January 1. Among them, as reported by the Daily Sparks Tribune:

  • AB162 requires health insurance companies to screen and provide treatment for autism spectrum disorders up to a cap of $36,000 a year, until the child is 18 unless still in high school.
  • Another law requires energy efficiency evaluations of homes before they are sold, if requested by a prospective buyer. Such evaluations can be waived by mutual consent between the buyer and seller. Regulations adopted this fall allow home sellers to satisfy the evaluation by providing a year's worth of utility bills.
  • The construction worker safety bill, AB148, requires 10 hours of OSHA-certified safety training for employees and 30 hours for supervisors, with ongoing training required every five years.
  • SB303 adopted the Interstate Compact on Education Opportunity for Military Children. Its provisions make it easier for children of military families to transfer between schools when their parents are forced to move between states while on assignment.
  • AB513 sets pre-licensing and continuing education requirements for escrow agents, eliminates exemptions for consumer finance companies from licensing and other requirements imposed on mortgage brokers; and requires certain fee disclosures by brokers.
  • AB202 requires cosmetologists, hair designers, aestheticians, electrologists, manicurists, nail technicians and cosmetic demonstrators to complete four hours of training on infection control before their license is renewed.

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