Thorny Issues a Daily Staple in Nevada Medical Malpractice Cases


Any attorney who works in medical malpractice law in Nevada (and there are fewer and fewer of us) knows that difficult issues arise every week.

Many of these issues are presented by people who are searching for attorneys.

A common issue, after the unfortunate passage of the so-called KODIN legislation, is whether the statute of limitations has run in a particular medical malpractice case.

We often receive calls from prospective clients who are unaware that the general statute of limitations to file a medical malpractice case was reduced to a year (with certain exceptions).

Prospective clients are often surprised (dismayed) to learn that their case may be time-barred.

This week and for the next several weeks I will discuss some of the cases on which we are working to illustrate some of the thorny issues that arise in the context of medical malpractice.

The first "issue study" will be presented in two parts beginning tomorrow.

Does Nevada have jurisdiction over an out-of-state doctor who provides medical services for a Nevada patient over the Internet?

Come back tomorrow and find out (maybe).