Allstate Gets the Boot in Florida


Here's a plug for Trial Guides at The following interesting news comes from their enewsletter of today's date.

This week, Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty announced that he is suspending Allstate Insurance companies from writing new insurance in Florida. McCarty's choice follows Allstate's refusal to comply with subpoenas served October 16 by the Office of Insurance Regulation.

The subpoenas seek disclosure of the McKinsey Documents, in which McKinsey & Co. instructed Allstate how to systematically underpay claims starting in the mid 1990s. The content of the documents is so explosive that Allstate has already ignored a $25,000 per day fine in Missouri for its ongoing failure to provide the McKinsey Documents in that state.

Trial Guides landmark book, From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves, is the only book that provides a full discussion, as well as reproductions, of the McKinsey documents. Written by the only lawyer who has obtained the McKinsey Documents unprotected, David Berardinelli, the book gives plaintiff lawyers the edge in personal injury and bad faith claims by disclosing the content of the McKinsey Documents and how you can use them in trying or settling your case. From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves has been the most widely publicized legal book of 2007, serving as a source for feature stories with CNN, PBS, BusinessWeek, Bloomberg, and many more. More media coverage is coming in 2008, following the suspension of Allstate in Florida.

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