Nevada Hepatitis Scare


You know, you might think that you could go the Center for Disease Control website and get some update on what certainly appears to be a full-blown health care crisis in Las Vegas (40,000! Exposed? That's a big number! And that's a preliminary number...).

But the CDC website, at least from my look around just now, is more about some form of static and slow thing. There may be something current somewhere on the site, but whatever it is doesn't jump out to the viewer. And they don't seem preoccupied with our potential Hep C epidemic right now, at least not site-wise.

And there's no analogous state site in Nevada to report on this sort of (seemingly) urgent issue. At least none easily found.

I'm sure some government entity somewhere may have some sort of information about this

In the meantime let's look to one of our great democratic institutions, the private press:

USA TODAY reports that:

The Las Vegas Sun has a statement from the company: On behalf of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, we want to express our deep concern about this incident to the many patients who have put their trust in us over the years. As always, our patients remain our primary responsibility and we have already corrected the situation.

It's especially comforting that they've "already" corrected the situation. After only 40,000 potential errors! That's attention. That is diligence...

I'll blog tomorrow morning on how Nevada's recent ill-advised adoption of medical malpractice tort reform could prevent thousands from compensation for what appears to be not only negligence but abject stupidity.

The facts are still coming in; we'll reserve judgment as good Americans do.

But make no mistake: Nevada's adoption of the so-called KODIN (Keep Our Doctor's in Nevada) ballot initiative was a catastrophic mistake whose effects are just now being seen. Nevadans were convinced that they were taking a shot at the trial lawyers when all they were really doing was negating their own right to compensation in serious medical malpractice injury cases.

Come back tomorrow and let's talk about the value of tort reform when it comes to cases like Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada.