Nevada Supreme Court Reviews the Role of Biomechanical Engineers


In Hallmark v. Eldridge, 124 Nev. Adv. Op. No. 48 (published July 24, 2008), the Nevada Supreme Court reviewed the often dubious role of so-called "biomechanical engineers" as experts and concluded that (1) the district court below abused its discretion when it allowed a physician with an engineering background to testify as a biomechanical expert against a personal injury plaintiff because, among other reasons, the testimony did not assist the jury in understanding the evidence as the testimony was not based on a reliable methodology; (2) prejudice stemming from errors in the admission of evidence bearing upon a damage claim requires reversal when the error substantially affects the rights of the complaining party on appeal; and (3) such an error substantially affects those rights when the appellant establishes, based upon a sufficient appellate record, the reasonable probability of a different result in the absence of the error.

The Court's entire decision can be readHERE.