Nevada Uninsured Drivers Higher Than Expected


According to an article by the Better Business Bureau dated October 19, 2007, the number of drivers across the United States, but especially in Nevada, without insurance is higher than would be expected.

In a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, one out of seven at-fault drivers is uninsured. In Nevada this number rises even more with seventeen percent of drivers uninsured. This can be compared with a fourteen percent national average.

While the article does not go into details about why this is the case, it does offer some suggestions for any driver to protect himself in the event of an accident.

When a motorist is uninsured, the victim of the accident has the responsibility to pay for everything himself. The BBB recommends that every driver gets uninsured motorist coverage on their policy so that he can be protected from the majority of these high costs. It also suggests getting rental car coverage so the motorist does not have to be without a vehicle while it is being repaired.

The last recommendation of the article is for all motorists to get underinsured motor vehicle coverage. In the event that an at-fault driver only has the bare minimum coverage on their policy, the victim of an accident may still have to pay for some of the damages himself. Underinsured motorist coverage pays the difference between the at-fault driver's limits and the actual costs of the damages. It also gives protection to a motorist who hits a pedestrian.

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