Kanye West's Mother and Her Doctor


It's interesting that some Americans still seem oblivious (sometimes) to the fact that plastic surgery is dangerous. Patients sign informed consents (sometimes) without reading them and are surprised when a complication arises.

Americans are also too quick (sometimes) to blame their doctors when things go wrong.

Perhaps by way of example (perhaps not...), here's an opener from Yahoo's "omg!" column dated yesterday:

"The doctor who performed a tummy tuck and breast reduction on the mother of Kanye West is a plastic surgeon to Hollywood's elite and something of a celebrity himself, with a TV show of his own and a host of appearances on programs from "Extra" to 'Oprah.'

What Dr. Jan Adams hasn't publicized, however, is that the state medical board is investigating whether to revoke or suspend his license over alcohol-related arrests; that he has been the target of malpractice lawsuits; and that he's paid out nearly $500,000 in civil settlements."

I've brought suits against a lot of doctors over a lot of years, and one thing I know is that "nearly $500,000 in civil settlements" could mean something or it might not. The point is that $500,000 is not an outrageous amount of money to be paid in settlements by a doctor who's been practicing, assumedly, for a good number of years.

Similarly, a doctor's history of alcohol-related driving incidents may indicate he has chemical abuse problems or may mean he exercised very poor judgment and very bad luck on several isolated occasions.

The doctor in this case may become (or may already be) the victim of the press.

Americans should wait for the facts and the truth.