Sopranos Genius Defends His Thoughts


Yes, every now and then I stray from injury law, sometimes into other areas of law, sometimes further.

Associated Press writer, Janet Frankston Lorin, reports that David Chase, the well-known creator of the Sopranos (and other fine entertainment) is in the midst of a lawsuit.

At issue is whether the services Robert Baer provided during Chase's development of "The Sopranos" pilot should be compensated, and if so, their value.

Baer, also an aspiring screenwriter and former prosecutor, arranged meetings with experts during a three-day tour of New Jersey mob sites in 1995.

Baer testified that he declined Chase's offer of payment several times but said Chase agreed to "take care of him" if the show became a hit.

In court documents, Chase has called Baer "self-delusional."

Baer may or may not be self-delusional. One thing he definitely is, however, is careless. A careful person, especially an attorney, would have gotten a contract, not some vague representation that he would be "taken care of" if a show became a hit.

We'll stay tuned.