Chavez Slapped in the Face By His Own Electorate


In American, politics and injury law are sometimes hard to separate, and attorneys are often misidentified as liberal or conservative depending on their view of whether an injured party deserves compensation. At the end of the day, we're all Americans though (and let's face it: those who support adequate compensation for victims are better Americans)...

I have a background in international law, I follow international news, and every now and then I'll "cross borders," so to speak, to comment on some international event that transcends injury law.

On this note, I'm happy to re-report that one of the world's great nutcases, Hugo Chavez, narrowly lost his electoral bid to "stand indefinitely" for re-election and thus move Venezuela toward what has characterized many socialist states: a crazy dude in power who just won't go away. Or, more plainly put: a dictatorship.

The world's a better place without an indefinite Chavez and it's nice that a majority Venezuelans have determined to act in thier own sane interest. Perhaps one day the only audience in front of which Chavez will rant will be himself.