So You Want to Sue Nevada?

I've handled a lot of cases that involve Nevada and its political subdivisions. Many entailed serious injuries. Some, for instance, involved sexual assaults by health care professionals and teachers on patients and students. All had one thing in common: Nevada "immunity" caps.

There are special laws that govern lawsuits against Nevada and its political subdivisions. These laws, and the Nevada Supreme Court cases that have interpreted these laws, eliminate an injured party's ability to sue in certain cases and limit potential damage awards in those cases in which lawsuits are allowed.

Nevada law provides that parties that prevail against the state or one of its subdivisions may recover a maximum of $50,000.00 per claim. This law is complex, however, and many exceptions exist and continue to develop.

If you have an injury claim against Nevada or one of its poltical subdivisions, you should consult an attorney to evaluate how Nevada's immunity caps apply to your situation.