Proving a Negligence Claim in Nevada - Part I

Last blog, I listed an excerpt from my new book that included many fact situations that give rise to negligence claims in Nevada.

This blog I will concentrate on those cases that discuss proving negligence claims in Nevada and next blog I will finish this discussion of proof.

The following case selections are listed in chronological order starting with some of the most recent cases to touch upon proving negligence:

In determining whether an agent acts in a managerial capacity, the key is to look to what the individual is authorized to do by the principal and to whether the agent has discretion as to what is done and how it is done. Job titles should be of little importance. Smith's Food & Drug Centers, Inc. v. Bellegarde, 114 Nev. 602, 958 P.2d 1208 (1998); Cerminara v. California Hotel and Casino, 104 Nev. 372, 760 P.2d 108 (1988).

Evidence of subsequent, similar accidents involving the same condition may be relevant to issues of causation and whether there is a defective or dangerous condition. Reingold v. Wet 'N Wild, 113 Nev. 967, 944 P.2d 800 (1997).