Best and Worst of Times for Medical Malpractice

There has never been a worse time for victims of malpractice and malpractice attorneys. Many sets of state statutes now limit malpractice suits in arbitrary and often absurd ways. This has made finding representation more difficult and the possibility of securing meaningful results through litigation more remote.

At the same time, though, we live in an amazing age. Medicine, prior to the internet, was once the exclusive province of doctors. Now, virtually all aspects of medicine may be researched and understood by anyone.

Thus, while bringing medical malpractice suits is more arduous than ever, prevailing on basic liability issues is aided by an attorney's access to unlimited medical data. This allows counsel to understand and explain complex medical concepts to juries in ways never before imagined.

If your medical malpractice attorney is not using the internet, you may want to question why. A case can now be made that attorneys and doctors who do not use the internet as an important basis for research are themselves flirting with malpractice.