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Injuries sustained in auto accidents often have catastrophic consequences. Serious injuries can be disabling, affecting not only the injured person but family members as well. Even relatively minor injuries that necessitate lost time from work and medical care can have a great impact on a family. In Nevada, an injured person, and, in certain cases, his or her family, may be entitled to compensation for injuries incurred in an auto accident.

  • Compensation to which you may be entitled (or "damages") includes:
  • Medical expenses already incurred
  • Future medical expenses
  • Physical pain & mental suffering
  • Loss / destruction of property
  • Permanent physical disability
  • Loss of wages

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Determining Who is At Fault

At the Law Offices of Steven J. Klearman & Associates, our Reno auto accident lawyer works to help determine fault. The liable party should be held accountable for injuries sustained.

Fault of another:
An accident victim is entitled to compensation if the accident was the fault of another. If the person who caused the accident has insufficient insurance, or is not insured at all, a victim is entitled to compensation from his own insurance company if he has uninsured / underinsured coverage. In some situations, there are other insurance policies (policies of other family members, employers, etc.) that may provide the necessary benefits.

Partial fault:
Even if the injured person was partially at fault, the law may permit a partial recovery. The comparative fault doctrine in Nevada permits compensation to an injured person who is less than 51% at fault in a motor vehicle accident.

What To Do After An Accident

  • To protect yourself and your family, you should take certain steps after an accident:
  • Describe the full details of the accident (this is crucial to determining liability)
  • Give statements to no one except law enforcement and your own insurance company
  • Do not sign anything (unless requested by law enforcement) without first showing it to a lawyer
  • Do NOT give the other side’s insurance company a statement

Understand that what you say in traffic court, or to an insurance adjuster, may be used against you at a later time.

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