Compensation After An Automobile Accident

My clients often want to know what sort of compensation they are legally entitled to claim after an accident.

Injuries from automobile accidents often have catastrophic consequences. Serious injuries can be disabling, and may affect not only the injured person but his or her family members as well. Even relatively minor injuries that necessitate lost time from work and medical care can have a great impact on a family.

In Nevada, a wrongfully injured person, and, in certain cases, his or her family members, may be entitled to compensation for injuries incurred in automobile, truck, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents.

Claimed compensation may include::

-Medical expenses already incurred 
-Medical expenses to be incurred in the future 
-Physical pain 
-Mental suffering 
-Loss of, or destruction to, property 
-Loss of enjoyment of life 
-Permanent physical disability 
-Lost wages

If the person ("tortfeasor") who caused the accident has insufficient insurance, or is not insured at all, a victim is entitled to compensation from his own insurance company if he has uninsured/underinsured coverage. In some situations there are other policies of insurance (policies of other family members, employers, etc.) that may provide benefits.

Experienced personal injury attorneys evaluate damages carefully and claim the full universe of legitimate potential damages on behalf of a client.