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  • 30-May-2017

    How Much Liability Insurance Do You Need?

    While car insurance is required of every driver nationwide, you can do yourself a favor by paying for more than the bare minimum of coverage. There are two main types of optional coverage drivers can buy: medical pay and uninsured/underinsured ...
  • 24-May-2017

    Be Aware of Renown Regional Medical Center's Billing Practices!

    If you’re involved in a serious car accident and need major medical treatment in the northern Nevada area, odds are you will be transported to Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno. Renown is the only Level II trauma center between Sacramento ...
  • 17-Mar-2017

    What to Do After a Car Accident

    Many of us try to practice safe driving habits, but accidents happen and we cannot control the actions of others. While many of them typically involve only property damage, one in three accidents still result in injuries to the driver or passengers, ...
  • 13-Sep-2016

    Treat Consistently for Best Case Results

    It's important when you're injured to treat consistently. This means: 1) get care soon after the accident; 2) get continuing care as prescribed; 3) follow doctor's orders; 4) don't miss appointments; 5) see a specialist if more ...
  • 22-Aug-2016

    Battery in Nevada Medical Malpractice Cases

    A battery in civil law is an intentional and offensive touching of a person who has not consented to the touching. A physician who performs a medical procedure without the patient's consent commits a battery irrespective of the skill or care ...
  • 16-Aug-2016

    Auto Cases Often Lack Sufficient Insurance

    In a huge percentage of Nevada automobile accidents, there is not enough auto insurance to cover even medical bills. While health care costs have continued to rise over the years, the minimum liability limit of $15,000 is still in place. Hence, you ...
  • 12-Aug-2016

    Challenges in Slip and Fall Cases

    Slip and fall cases present special challenges. In a car accident, generally one party is clearly liable. In a slip and fall case the defense usually asserts a defense of comparative negligence and, therefore, a plaintiff's actions are usually ...
  • 12-Aug-2016

    15th Anniversary Fourth Edition Guide to Nevada Civil Law is Now Available

    Our classic highly reviewed guide to Nevada civil law is hot off the presses in its 15 th Anniversary Fourth Edition and now available in Apple iBook and Kindle and completely hyperlinked to go from the extensive table of contents to the ...
  • 29-Jul-2016

    Court Discusses Limits of Voir Dire and Reaffirms Collateral Source Rule

    In the important new case of Khoury v. Seastrand, 132 Nev., Advance Opinion 52, filed (yesterday) on July 28, 2016, the Nevada Supreme Court held that attorneys can ask jurors questions concerning specific verdict amounts to determine potential bias ...
  • 27-Jul-2016

    Offers of Judgment Put Litigants at Risk

    It's important to note that most civil litigation puts most litigants, regardless of which side they are on, at financial risk. Nevada has an "offer of judgment" rule. Under the rule, either side can offer a specific amount to settle ...
  • 19-Jul-2016

    Evidence in Slip & Fall Cases

    In every new slip and fall case, we generally write to the defendant after we are retained and specify that all evidence, including videos and photos and incident reports, should be retained. It’s also important that the plaintiff retains ...
  • 13-Dec-2013

    Evidence of Prior Conditions in Nevada Trials

    In order for evidence of a prior injury or preexisting condition to be admissable in a Nevada trial, a defendant must present by competent evidence a causal connection between the prior injury and the injury at issue. FGA, Inc. v. Giglio, 128 Nev. ...
  • 4-Dec-2013

    Talking With Doctors When You Are Injured

    It is extremely important to communicate with your doctors once you are injured. Among other things, make sure to tell your doctor how the accident happened. Also, it is crucial that you report past complaints or symptoms similar to those that you ...
  • 14-Nov-2013

    Nevada Supreme Court Clarifies Joinder of Intentional Tortfeasors

    In Humphries v. Eight J. Dist. Ct., Nev. Adv. Op. 85 (Nov. 7, 2013), the Nevada Supreme Court continued its discussion of joint and several liability in Nevada after Cafe Moda, L.L.C. v. Palma, 128 Nev. __, 272, P. 3d 137 (2012), and held that a ...
  • 13-Jan-2013

    Nevada Supreme Court Reaches Precedent Decision in Premises Liability Case

    The Nevada Supreme Court published a landmark ruling dealing with premises liability on December 27, 2012. The Court, in Foster v. Costco, 128 Nev. Adv. Op. 71, took a long look at the history of landowner liability in Nevada and held that the mere ...
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