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Through their sheer size and weight, trucks and other large commercial vehicles pose a significant risk to others on the road. Not only can they pose dangerous obstructions to driver vantage, when a collision occurs, they can easily cause catastrophic damage to other vehicles and their passengers. When these kinds of dangerous collisions occur because of truck driver error or trucking company negligence, then victims may have grounds to pursue compensation.

At the Law Offices of Steven J. Klearman & Associates, our legal team has over 28 years of personal injury law experience. In that time, we have helped countless victims recover the relief they need to not only recover from their injuries, but also move on with their lives with comfort and dignity. We are ready to bring aggressive, competent, and incisive representation to you and your truck accident claim today.

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What Can Be Recovered?

In cases of truck accidents, where life-altering, catastrophic injuries are likely, many victims and their families wonder what kind of compensation can be pursued. Often, and much to their surprise, more than just medical expenses can be reflected in a claim against a trucking company.

Truck accident compensation can be pursed to cover:

  • Medical bills
  • Predicted or expected medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss and/or destruction of property
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Permanent or lasting disability
  • Lost wages

Even if you believe that you were partially to blame for the accident that injured you, Nevada's law of comparative negligence may still allow you recover compensation. Nevada comparative negligence law provides that any party who is ruled 50% negligent or less in an accident can be eligible to receive compensation.

Your Truck Accidents Deserve to be Recognized

You do not have to let your injuries go unanswered. Our team can help you hold the responsible parties accountable for your injuries' effect on your life and your loved one's lives. Each and every one of our clients can rest assured that ever possible legal avenue is explored in pursuit of the restitution they deserve.

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