Injured Due to a Dog Bite?

There are about 60 million dogs in the United States, most of which are lovable pets. Unfortunately, dogs sometimes bite. According the Centers for Disease Control, the number of dog bites requiring medical attention has been steadily rising. The number of dog bite injuries is more than the reported cases of mumps, measles, and whooping cough combined.

Each year, approximately 800,000 dog bites occur nationwide that require medical care. The American Humane Association says the most severe attacks happen because city dwellers select large, aggressive breeds of dogs for personal protection. In Nevada, dog bite cases are common and, unfortunately, often involve children.

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In order to hold a dog owner liable for injuries caused by his or her dog, an injured party must ordinarily show that a defendant had some reason to believe that the dog was dangerous before the bite occurred. This sort of notice can take different forms. A report of a prior dog bite incident involving the dog usually constitutes sufficient notice to an owner that his or her dog is dangerous. However, prior dog bites are not the only type of notice, and dog owners who have any reason to believe that their dog is dangerous could potentially be held liable for injuries caused by their dog.

Dog owners can be held liable when:

  • They leave a dog with a history of attacks unattended
  • They fail to properly restrain the dog
  • They don't take proper precautions

Frequently, homeowner's insurance policies provide some coverage for these types of cases. At the Law Offices of Steven J. Klearman & Associates, our Reno personal injury lawyer knows how to prepare dog bite cases in an attempt to seek fair and proper compensation on your behalf.

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