Bicycle Accidents in Reno, Nevada

Attorney Steve Klearman is an avid cyclist and strongly believes that the rights of cyclists must be protected.

When a driver is impaired, distracted or speeding, bicyclists are often at the greatest risk. Bicyclists obey the same traffic laws as cars, and drivers must respect their presence. Drivers who try to pass too closely or will force a cyclist off the road are simply being negligent. When a motorist eventually collides into a cyclist, the victim can suffer from severe injuries such as brain trauma, fractures, spinal injuries or serious burns.

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Understanding Bike Laws in Nevada

Under Nevada law, a motorist must not:

  • Intentionally interfere with the movement of a person lawfully riding a bicycle
  • Overtake and pass a person riding a bicycle unless it can be done safely without endangering the cyclist
  • Ignore right of way laws
  • Enter, stop, stand, park or drive in bike lanes

And a motorist must:

  • Exercise due care to avoid a collision with a cyclist
  • Give an audible warning with their horn to avoid collision

If the motorist responsible for your accident violated traffic laws and rules of the road, you have a right to pursue compensation. Our firm can help you investigate the details of your accident and take care of all the necessary claims paperwork.

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After a bike accident, many injured victims begin to experience financial stress as their medical expenses build up and they begin to miss work for long periods. If you believe the motorist was at fault, you could be entitled to damages that include medical care, rehabilitation services, lost wages, pain/suffering and more.

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